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Breakfast in Bimini

by Sierra Michaels

Page Count: 190
Published: June 19, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Raven and Lucas embark upon a personal cruise around the Bahamas for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Raves discovers a mysterious wooden idol on a secluded beach, just a couple of hours into their two-week journey. Her curiosity and archaeological scientific mind entices her to keep the artifact with the intention of researching its background and story.  Where did this unique, seemingly non-Bahamian statue originate and how did it land in Bimini?

Things go terribly wrong after finding the artifact. The couple encounters boat problems, bad weather, pirates, a questionable treasure hunter, a ghost ship and possibly a portal to Atlantis. All the while Raven continues to deny its supernatural power. While enduring all their misfortunes, the zealous explorers form stronger bonds with friends, strangers and ultimately each other.  Is it all in Raves’ overactive imagination, or does the idol truly bring bad juju? 

Breakfast in Bimini follows this couple’s journey through paradise and beyond, perhaps even to another dimension.

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About the author

Born and raised in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Sierra moved to Los Angeles as a young adult to follow her passion for culture, travel and education.  She quickly discovered Archaeology and received her Master's Degree and a successful career in Southern California.  She’s always enjoyed writing and telling stories so several years ago she shifted her focus to writing.  Breakfast in Bimini is her second novel and a first in a series called "Trouble In Paradise."
She calls Florida home, but most of her writing takes place in Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas.  She resides with her husband, and a diva dog named Yoda.  She finds sanity and peace in writing, running, yoga and piloting a small plane. 

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