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Christ came from Croydon

by John Redstone

Page Count: 256
Published: July 27, 2015
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Dystopia

The story is set twenty or thirty years in the future when the gap between rich and poor has become a chasm.

Anger and resentment towards the rich has turned to outright hatred and a multi national terrorist group - the Movement - believe the time has come for World revolution. The Movement is well funded (through stock market manipulation) able to operate throughout the World and totally ruthless.

To make matters worse, a break away group emerges that appears hell bent on increasing the level of violence, atrocities and bloodshed. Into this desperate situation comes a spiritual leader, Russell Morgan, from Croydon of all places. His message is that we must all help each other for “ if the human race and all it has ever created, disappeared tomorrow, who would miss us ?” Many believe he is the new Messiah - others that he is an absolute fake.

The story is told from the perspective of one Keith Cole an investment analyst working in what remains of the Canadian financial industry. He must cope with a chaotic World where terrorist threats are ever present, insects have become part of the staple diet and many people have more sex with robots than other human beings. Yet he is still expected to advise money managers on investment decisions. Like everyone else, he could do with a Saviour. 

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About the author

John Redstone is a retired Investment Analyst who worked in the Canadian Financial Industry for roughly 19 years. He is a Mineral Processing Engineer by background and worked in the Mines/Metals industry in various production/marketing roles for over ten years before joining the brokerage fraternity. He holds an MBA from Concordia University, a M.Eng from McGill University and a B.Sc. (Eng) from Imperiial College London. He grew up in Croydon - South London and emigrated to Canada in 1980.

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