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In the Hands of the Unknown

(The Field Researchers, #1)

by A.E. Hellstorm

Published: April 1st 2015 (first published October 20th 2014)
Published by: Hellhag Productions
Page count: 265
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Fiction


FBI-agent Miriam Goldblum attended the prestigious Western Shore University in her youth and got accepted into the secretive Golden Fleece Society after graduation.

The Golden Fleece Society deals with the unnatural aspects of reality and as Miriam continues her career in the FBI she and her team gets thrown into cases no one else can handle.
During this sweltering July, the new case starts with the horrifying death of a young girl, and team C2 is soon treading a dance with unknown enemies that will end with nightmares coming true in a desolate village in Alaska.
While struggling with the relationships with on one hand Caesar; the principal investigator of team C2 and her fiance, and Cyrus; her co-worker who always seems to look down at her, she also has to find ways to stay sane in a reality which not always is.

"In the Hands of the Unknown" is the first free-standing book about the Field Researchers of the Golden Fleece Society. This book series is loosely based on the world created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Author's note: 'In the Hands of the Unknown' contains graphic scenes of violence, including sexual violence.

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About the author

I'm a writer and a photographer, and thus I walk in my late father's foot prints. However, instead of involving myself with the mafia, I do some less exciting things with my life than what he did.

I do fun things - and less fun things - with my children, I take care of my four cats, I dance in this life long dance together with my husband, and even in the dark times I'm happy to be alive.


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