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Never Free

by Paulina Lubas

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: March 18th 2016
Page count: 342
Genre: Paranormal Romance

They say true love is eternal, but what happens when love turns into obsession?

The nice thing about fiction novels is that they allow readers to escape their own problems; readers can delve into a brand new world while forgetting their own lives. Readers can spend hours enthralled in new characters that seem as real as their own family and friends. Romance books can be especially good for escapism. It can be romantic to think that one day you'll meet "the One" and that they will take care of all your problems while promising to love you eternally. However, what if Mr. Right turned out to be a stalker instead? In Never Free, I took some of the tropes and clichés found in romance novels and I decided to look at them in a new way. Would it really be romantic to have someone kill for you?

In Never Free, Lana is a young woman with the power to see the past when she touches certain objects. When she meets Jake, it is not love at first sight. Thanks to some misunderstandings, the two slowly develop a romance. However, Lana begins to suspect that Jake is hiding something from her. When one of Jake's secrets is revealed, Lana meets William, and she cannot help but feel unnaturally attracted to him. Was he someone that she knew in a past life? Soon, William invades almost every aspect of her life, even appearing in her dreams. Will this attraction be the death of her? Will her love with Jake survive? Can she keep her family and friends safe?

            In Never Free, I strived to create a protagonist who is strong but who also has flaws and moments of weakness. Lana is not a superhero who can take on the world, but she also will not let others abuse her endlessly. She has many interests outside of the guy that she's dating; her life does not revolve around her love interest. The primary focus of Never Free is still romantic love, but Lana does set aside time for herself, her family, and her friends.

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About the author

Paulina Lubas is of Polish descent and lives in New Jersey. Some aspects of her family’s traditions have been utilized in Never Free. Paulina is currently attending university in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in history. She enjoys learning new things and then discussing them with others. In her spare time, she spends time with her fiancé, her family, and her friends. She also enjoys playing video games, reading, and writing.

Paulina has a Twitter, a Facebook page, and a blog. If you have any comments or questions, or if you would like any updates or more information about Never Free, please feel free to contact her on any of her social media.

"I am working on a degree in history. Some of my knowledge has been implemented in Never Free. This is shown in some of the past lives that are discussed in the novel, as well as when Lana touches certain objects and sees the past.

Never Free has a few instances of violence. The violence is used to illustrate the danger of certain situations and characters; it has an important impact on the story."

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