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Doodles, doodles everywhere congratulates author Vincent Panettiere on the release of his book, These Thy Gifts! Let's welcome him on the blog for an interview with DDE today. Read on!

1. What inspired you to write These Thy Gifts?

I wanted to accomplish two goals when deciding to write my new novel These Thy Gifts. One,  to see if I could write a story covering 50 years; Two, to comment on the scourge of child abuse by priests that was sweeping the country and the world without writing a novel about child abuse.

I hit upon the idea of beginning the novel in a more innocent time with an equally innocent character. The year was 1956 and the character was Father Steve Trimboli. In the process we see him as an activist priest championing the downtrodden, a person who would volunteer to be a chaplain in Viet Nam and upon returning would confront priest abuse in his own parish.
In the process, I created an atypical love story. Trimboli is not a saint and in a moment of weakness and mutual need fathers a child with Rosalie, a young widow. Their daughter, Stephanie, is born. Their love is unusual, but it forms the spine of the story.

2. Can you give the readers an idea about what they should expect in the book?

Readers should expect a well-written, professionally edited book that will take them on a fast-paced ride into territory that is familiar, but also unknown.

3. Do you decide the character traits before you sit down to write the book, or as you go along?

I let characters develop in their own way, which directs the story.

4. Can you tell us what kind of research went behind These Thy Gifts?

The most research went into the sections dealing with Vietnam.

5. If you had to pick only one favorite character in the book, who would you pick and why?

Rosalie is my favorite character. She is strong and opinionated, loyal and loving toward those she cares about.

6. Tell us about some of the biggest challenges you face in your writing process.

The blank page. This challenge exists every day and must be overcome or the story/book will never move forward.

7. What is your writing routine like?

I wish I could say I get up at 5 a.m. and write for three or four hours, but I don’t. I have no routine, only as the spirit moves me. Sometimes that produces 5 pages and other times nothing.

8. Do you have any rejection stories to share?

Nothing to share, as I don’t keep negativity inside or it becomes toxic, and that prevents anything from happening.

9. What's next?

I am currently writing The Scopas Factor, another Mike Hegan mystery. He was the main character in my critically acclaimed first novel, A Woman to Blame. I have a third Mike Hegan mystery also gestating.

10. Lastly, any special thoughts for the readers?

I hope they continue to read, not just my books but others as well. In this age of Twitter and other social media, it is important to expand the mind by reading.

These Thy Gifts

by Vincent Panettiere

Publication Date: August 9th 2016
Published by: Independent
Page count: 450

These Thy Gifts is a forbidden love story spanning 50 years between a priest and the widow of a mobster.

It encompasses history, mystery, comedy, gangsters, beautiful women, war, and religion. 2006 is a tumultuous year for the Catholic Church. Reports of horrific sexual abuse are becoming widespread. Monsignor Steven Trimboli is troubled. He worries for the future of the church-and rightly so. A new crime will soon reverberate throughout his church and hit closer to home than he ever imagined.

As Trimboli examines his faith, he must also examine his past. This poignant new novel takes readers back fifty years to meet Trimboli as a young and passionate priest, ready to tackle the world. The church, however, has other plans and exiles him to a small town in New York State. It is there that he meets the intriguing and beguiling Rosalie LaMarca. The two will form a connection that will have lasting consequences for both their lives.

Trimboli's adventures will take him to the front lines of Vietnam and back. He will encounter abuse in his time serving the Catholic Church, but he will also bear witness to moments of unimaginable grace. Follow Trimboli as he confronts his past, his choices, and what it means to be a man of God.

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About the author

Witty, engaging, imaginative, rebellious, unexpected twists, champion of the underdog, stories that live to tell themselves ... all of these phrases have been used to describe Vincent Panettiere's writing.

No neophyte, Vincent has been immersed for decades in various facets of the writing profession, communications, production and representation. He now offers us fascinating stories written in his unique voice from his perspective, experience, background and imagination.

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