The Fall of Saxon England by Mike Kelley | New Release Spotlight

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The Fall of Saxon England

by Mike Kelley

Publisher: Self-Published
Published: April 16, 2015
Page count: 295

England was never to be the same again after this eventful year.

Here is a powerful story, where you can feel the tension, live the actions and be amazed at the intrigue. This story covers just one tumultuous year, from Christmas Day 1065 to Christmas Day 1066. You will meet the heroes who stood against overwhelming odds to protect their families, and the traitors who sold their country for a price.

What was it like to stand behind an English shield-wall on foot, against charging cavalry?

What was it like to see 10,000 Vikings sack Scarborough? What was it like to be at the battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings?

What was it like to see the rape of your beloved country? This is a book you will never forget; all based on real events.

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About the author

Having worked in the Middle East and North Africa for 30 years, Mike has been able to draw on his considerable experience to write these gripping books.

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