New Release Spotlight | The Bewitching Of Camille by D. A. Barney

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The Bewitching Of Camille

by  D. A. Barney

Published: August 21, 2019
Published by: PfalconStar
Page Count:  322


Three hundred years ago, witches terrorized the world.

Three times as powerful as any other demon, (or malafec, as they are more commonly known) no one could stop their devastation. Absorbing that much power so quickly was thought to be too much for any woman to endure. Many believed it drove them insane and subsequently; turned them to evil. Out of desperation, the Council of Warlocks engaged in a secret war against their wives and daughters in an attempt to save themselves and the world from extinction. Reluctantly, they formed an unlikely alliance with, The Vampires and The Lycans then, for thirty years, together they fought to rid the world of evil. Sparing only younglings, witches were separated, cultivated and treated like, ‘humans’. When of age, they were secretly bought and sold as breeding stock to propagate the race, then discreetly destroyed before turning twenty-one; the year in which it was believed they achieved their full power. This became every warlock’s responsibility and for three centuries, they quietly carried it out... until now.

With the voodoo culture of New Orleans as its backdrop, “The Bewitching of Camille“ tells a tragic story of a young mother who must battle tremendous odds to save her daughter from the father who will be forced to destroy them both.

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About the author

D. A. BARNEY was born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and for as far back as he could remember, there was a voice constantly whispering strange things to him. Beautiful things; amazing things and sometimes, even scary things. As a child he thought everyone had a voice like this, rattling off nonsensical verbiage at all times of the day and night. He soon realized that, not only did they NOT have a voice constantly whispering to them, but that sharing these ramblings, out loud and in public, would, at best, get him hushed, at worst, ridiculed, made fun of and sometimes even punished. He quickly learned to keep his ‘voice’ to himself. So, instead, he began to write the ‘voice’ down. It became his greatest source of entertainment. He had turned this ‘voice’ into what would become his favorite game. A game where he could escape to new worlds and fantastic places and do whatever he wanted to do. A place where the world was right and all that was required to get to these places was a pencil, a piece of paper and the ‘voice’ in his head.

No one much cared about the scribblings of this weird kid with an imagination much too prolific, at times, for his own good, but he kept on writing. Not to prove anything to anyone, but simply because he enjoyed it. It was fun for him. Then at the age of 17, the high school senior crossed paths with an English teacher who did something amazing – he CARED. The teacher took the time to read the scribblings and correct the grammar. He taught the kid how to construct a sentence and put them together to form a paragraph. This teacher gave a confused recluse the tools he needed to express himself and then he gave the kid something no other teacher ever did. He gave the kid praise and encouraged him to write more. That is the day a shy kid and his ‘voice’ became a writer.

He went on to receive his BFA in Film from The Ohio State University, where he specialized in writing and directing. After winning multiple awards for his work at the University, he returned to Cleveland where he was hired to direct the independent dance show, “Mixx Parti”.

From there he was off to Los Angeles where his screenplays have taken center stage. They have won eleven different awards in competitions and film festivals around the world. His script, “the token” was optioned in 2018 and his short, “Playing Tonk in the House of Good, with Evil” has been optioned twice.

His latest projects have taken him into the world of television. He’s just finished developing a poly-sci-fi drama called, “Phantom X”. It’s set 170 years in the future and deals with the same struggles and issues a lot of us face today; healthcare and prescription drugs – on the global level – in space.

Besides putting pen to paper on the next installment in The Wiccan Report Trilogy (The Midnight Man), I wouldn’t be surprised if, at this very moment, he was working on adapting, “The Bewitching of Camille” into a kick-ass, television series that will make you laugh, cry and maybe even p*** your pants! After all these years the voice has not grown silent. On the contrary. It’s loud and speaks to him now more than ever.

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