Book Review | Quentin's Problem by Misty Baker *8/10 Stars*

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Quentin's Problem

by Misty Baker

Page Count: 34
Published: 29 February 2016
Gypsy Publications
Source: I received a Paperback from the author in exchange for an honest review (Thanks Misty!)
My Rating: 8/10 Stars


What’s a pirate student to do when he must pass the Piratish Exam, but he can’t say “Arrr”? 

Quentin the Quick must figure out a clever way to pass the test, so he comes up with a fantastic, wonderful, crazy idea. It’s not the truth, but it’s not exactly a lie…

But it backfires, and now Quentin must walk the plank. Hungry sharks wait below, ready to feast on a pirate lunch. Can Quentin save his skin and his pride before he becomes a shark snack?

About the author

Misty Baker is an author, freelance editor, and shameless chocoholic. 

She writes romance under her pen name Mysti Parker. 

Her other writings have appeared in numerous anthologies, and she has two more children’s books in the works. Misty lives in Buckner, KY with her husband, three children and a great many pets.

The verdict

A delight to read and look at. I love how the story lets the young reader connect and identify with Quentin's fears and enables them able to take home lessons of bravery, overcoming fears and honesty. What makes the easy to follow narrative so delightfully expressive, are the super colorful, emotive and adorable illustrations done by K.A.King. I'm planning on gifting a copy to my little nephew who already enjoys picture books and bedtime stories (and pirates!) so much, I'm sure he's going to love this one to bits. 

One thing I love most about the book? That everyone has something they struggle with or might be insecure about and afraid of people finding out is such a powerful, crucial yet 'normal' fact, that the book gently, sensitively and with cute humor, deals with. The story shows the reader (both adults and kids alike) acceptance, and how there's absolutely no need to be ashamed! Definitely would recommend. A lovely addition to any children's book collection.

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