I am BACK from my Hiatus!

10:40 AM

It's been a while since I took a bit of a break from blogging - not a complete halt really, as I kept checking in with a few reviews and updates here and there. I was hoping that it would be a short break, but it turned out to be almost two full years (if you exclude the scattered handful of posts in between) with the pandemic mayhem added in 2020. Way too long. I have been asked many times, where have I been all this time, when it comes to being present in the blogging sphere...

Life! I needed to invest a major chunk of my focus and time on all the big life changes that were happening - didn't get much time to read either, if any. I switched careers from mainstream Architecture to Architectural Communications/Graphics at the same firm I was working at, then experimented further with Architectural Branding for a while. Switched firms, did freelancing branding/design work on the side and started illustrating short comics for fun in any free time I could find while travelling to work (the daily commute was almost two hours one side). This led me to dive into my childhood love of art and illustration. I launched my illustrated giftware brand called MyDoodlesAteMe, and so far have been working on it since. Also, got married, moved over 2,000 km away to a different city ... oh, and adopted my baby meezer Thanos!

I had been thinking of going on a 'hiatus' for a little while, not sure how to exactly go about it (do I just disappear? make a formal announcement? schedule a blogging day for once a month or so?) before it just sort of happened on its own. Blogging had started feeling like a chore and my TBR pile of books that I really really wanted to read, had been growing while I was mostly only reading books to review or beta-read. 

The break, or hiatus as I like to call it, though much longer than I had anticipated, worked out for the best! For the past couple of months I have been feeling like hopping back on board the blogging wagon (is that a thing?). I have been reading from my TBR a lot too since early this year and am excited to start reviewing books again too!

Long story short (or long story long?), I'm back! 

What to expect now? Same old me? Hehe. And more about books - book reviews, author interviews, spotlights, giveaways, tour hopping, etc. Some art, illustration, MyDoodlesAteMe updates. A little bit of my thoughts, musings, short writings on topics I am passionate about... So books, art and musings.

What I'll no longer post? Fashion hauls, outfits, clothing reviews, shopping wish lists and such. Bored of those already. I'm removing beta-reading from the 'author services' section of this blog as well. Might pick some of these back up later on, or might not. Who knows.

My posting might be scattered at first, but I'll return to a regular posting schedule soon once I get back in the groove. 

Oh how I have missed this. I have missed you. I'm BACK! Haha ^-^

Love & light,
Aparna (& Thanos)

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