Interview with Margaret Churchill, author of My Raccoon Family

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My Raccoon Family: Adventure in My Backyard

by Margaret Churchill

Publication Date: April 25th 2018 
Published by: Pageturner, Press and Media Publishing Company
Page count: 48

This is the newly re-edited edition of a true-life adventure with a mother raccoon who suddenly gave birth in a suburban house basement. The book walks you through what the author experienced first hand from the time the babies were born to when they outgrew their surroundings. It also speaks about how a growing admiration for the mother raccoon evolved into a trusting and fun-loving adventure along with her six babies.

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About the author

Margaret Churchill is an Animal Reiki Master currently living in Ottawa, Canada along with her husband and three cats. Her company, "Heaven's Touch" is active in the Animal Reiki community and she has written articles from client sessions for the website, in California and had one of her articles published in Animal Reiki Tails, Vol III, 2008-2009. Nature and animals are her inspiration and passion. She enjoys gardening, horseback riding, playing guitar and swimming.

We congratulate author Margaret Churchill on her  book, My Raccoon Family! Let's welcome her on the blog for an interview with us today. Read on!

1.   How did you decide to write My Raccoon Family?

It started with me blogging to my friends what the raccoons were doing.  A friend suggested I write a child’s book about it.  I thought, “Should I?” and got a big “YES!”   So I did.

2. What kind of research went behind the planning and writing of this book?

I had kept pictures of the event as it unfolded and just used my memory to write when and where the events took place and what I learned.

3. Who's your favorite character from the story and why?

Well, I have two.   The mother of the raccoon was the main one because of the trust that bonded us together very quickly. Then when she gave birth, there was one little raccoon- I think she was a female – whom I called, “Missy”.  She was just too cute for words.

4. How did you celebrate the first sale of My Raccoon Family?

Just blessing my Angels for the opportunity to get this done! I’m an Animal Reiki Master and I sold 40 books right out of the gate to the Ottawa Wildlife Centre here in Canada.   I was thrilled that they would highlight my book in their newsletter!   The first book was done with my pictures from my phone, and they weren’t very good, sadly. So, I was thrilled when my publisher did an illustrated copy.  It was perfect! I suppose celebrating went a step further, when I personally delivered each book and heard so many wonderful stories of how raccoons had impacted their lives as well. It made my heart soar.

5. Tell us about some of the learning experiences or biggest challenges you faced throughout the writing and publishing process. 

The biggest was editing. I had thought the publishers would do that for me, but they didn’t.  This was my first time writing a book, so I assumed a lot, without checking.  When I got a review saying that the book was badly edited, I knew I’d have to fix that myself. The other was placement of illustrations to mark the place along with the writing that made sense.

6. Do you get creative blocks or burnouts? How do you get out of those, if and when you do?

Actually, it was all pretty seamless for me. It wasn’t a big book …just 47 pages of the illustrated copy, so being a short version I could fill in the day to day doings of what went on and what I learned about the raccoons before they departed .

7. Tell us something personal about you that your readers may be surprised to know. 

That being a Reiki Master opens your world up immensely. That the animals DO understand what you are telling them.  You may not understand what they are saying to you at first, but shortly after the fact you will understand. Everything is for a reason and all we have to do is be still, quiet and calm when engaging with all wildlife. If you show them respect, they will return that in kind.  The same goes for our pets as well.   I learned so much and the journey continues.  Just this year, we had another mother with 6 kits come to call. 

8. What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing or reading?

I love to sing and listen to music on Youtube. I am also an avid gardener.  Right now, I’m creating an ‘all natural’ garden. We get rabbits, chipmunks, goldfinches, blue jays, robins, crows, starlings and chickadees, bees and butterflies. They are all very entertaining.

9. What's next?

I have another book in the works called, “My Greatest Teachers”.  It’s all about my journey as an Animal Reiki Master and my five cats. It also contains stories from the animals I’ve been honoured to serve. I’ve learned so much and am still learning.

10. Lastly, any special thoughts for the readers?

Yes. Be kind to animals ---all animals!   Don’t scream or yell at them because that makes them very fearful of you.  Be calm, quiet and just talk to them. You’ll be surprised how many will return to talk to you, if you just show some compassion and respect. This works for insects too, flowers and trees. You will a new world opening for you: one that is purely magical!

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